Zen and Lego

There’s something supremely relaxing about building Lego, following the instructions step by step towards the finished build. It can be supremely complex or a polybag mini, I love it.

Step one…

It’s meditative. The solutions are almost always at hand. The piece just rolled thataway or you used this one instead of that one and it’s an easy swap out. What frustrations you feel are sorted out pretty quickly and you’re back on your way.

A 2×4 Black plate attaches…

I can’t help but admire the engineering. How someone thought to put this here and that there and suddenly that blocky build has become sleek. Stylish. I’m sure if I took notes I could apply the techniques to my own builds but I never think of it. It’s enough to do it.

Flip the assembly over and…

I grew up with Lego and I think I share a certain kind of nostalgic “frustration” that modern Lego is somehow too sleek and smooth. That the movie tie ins cheapen the “back in our day” simplicity of it all. We didn’t have CAD/CAM systems like Stud.io and all that. But I like what’s out there so much more. I built the Yellow Submarine set and loved every second and still use the build for photos.

Some day soon I hope to buy one of those huge modular kits, Assembly Square or something like, and I’ll look forward to the day or three of concentrated building it’ll require.

Until then, I’ll love the polybags and the seasonal mini-sets. It’s all phenomenally calming.

Look, I built…


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