by the pound

What’s the last thing you bought by the pound? Vegetables or meat are probably the most likely. Bulk food. Deli meat.

How about larger measures? Five pounds. Ten pounds. Potatoes, likely. A roast. Apples.

According to the shipping manifest, this picture shows roughly ten pounds worth of greeting cards. Over three hundred cards with envelopes.


Believe it or not, that’s not what trips me up, though. Given that I’ve actually gotten a vending date or two coming up, I’m happy for the inventory.

No, what’s really messing with my head is the fact that almost all of these are from my Lego Kink “line” and, unless I’m misreading the email or something equally weird happens, more than half of these are earmarked for a local shop to carry.

And that blows my mind. And that gives me hope.

I’m not about to threaten Hallmark any time soon, but it’s really heartening.


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