thanks that was fun…

Brolly Shoot

I had four shoots in four days last week. I can’t speak for anyone else out there but it’s a record for me, anyway. Not only am I pleased with the results, not only am I pleased that nothing went especially wrong but I was paid a huge compliment by a new-to-me makeup artist who thanked me for “making photo shoots fun again.”

I’ll take that. Though I can’t imagine what the hell their previous experiences had been. I can imagine creepy, sadly enough. Cliched, sure. Possibly flat out incompetent or workmanlike. Beyond that… ew.

Shoots should be fun. Even if they’re serious or creepy or somber or whatever emotion I’m working towards, I like having a soundtrack of laughter. It’s real and it shows if we are working towards genuine emotion and pleasure. Not because I said “cheese” but because I just told the world’s worst knock knock joke ever and it just dawned on the model that… yeah, I just asked her what was brown and sticky*. Or started talking like the most stereotypical photographer this side of an Austin Powers movie.

Potentially immature? Damn straight. Work with what you’ve got.

But this should be fun, full stop. If you’re not, I think you’re doing it wrong.

And I made it fun. More than that, I have some repeat collaborators on other odd ideas I have and they have and who knows what else we dream up. I can’t wait.

This was a big shoot for me not only because it was more involved than anything I’ve done in a long time (burlesque performers tend to be so self-contained, I’m spoiled) but because it got an idea that I’ve had for the past three or four years out of my head. Finally! No, it’s not exactly what I imagined. No, it’s not precisely right. Yes, I can see room for improvement and finesse.

Like, you know, the next time I work with this model and makeup artist again, which may be… next week?

I’ll take that too.

*- A Stick!


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