blazing trails

Open Flow June '17

Guess who got to play with fire again this weekend?

Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to shoot pictures like this for years.

Shortly after I started doing studio work on my own, I read up on the technique and then, lacking the contacts, I didn’t know quite how to ask or who to ask if they’d be game to play with me. I managed it once with a friend who moved to California a couple months later, and then… nothing.

Nothing until Spinurn last year and now I get to do this on a semi-regular basis for people who are blown away by the results. Blown away to the point that I feel somewhat awkward explaining the technique (long exposures with a flash as punctuation) to an enthusiastic and occasionally wide-eyed audience because, well, it’s not that difficult.

Does it make sense that even as I feel confident in my photographic skills, I’m flummoxed when people react so strongly to my work? Or even the ideas behind them?

On the one hand, this isn’t a picture you take with some preset on your camera. And I’m still finessing it and still figuring out ways to do a better job to get better pictures. But it’s almost standard for me now. It’s almost second or third nature to me. So the response and the enthusiasm is adjacent to an emotional space I don’t quite recognize. And it’s heartening and cool and a tad overwhelming.

I can understand likes on Instagram. Wide eyed wonder? Not so much.

But it’s cool nonetheless. And I’ll keep taking the pictures.

Open Flow June '17


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