about the jaded eye

eye see you

So who the hell am I to be talking about photography? And what’s my deal with being so jaded?

My name is Chris, I live in Seattle and I am a photographer. As I said in my previous post, while I’ve had a camera ever since I was in first grade, it was only after moving to Seattle and the rise of digital photography that I started to really dig in to what photography was about and playing around with all the buttons and settings when I didn’t have to spend fifteen bucks a roll of film to find out how crap I was.

I made my photographic bones shooting the local burlesque scene for about six years. I started with small shows at The Pink Door and the Jewel Box before moving on to the bigger venues like the Theater Off Jackson and The Triple Door. I shot pretty much everything, I made a lot of friends in the scene, started working in the studio and then I stared to burn out.

The letter to my sixteen year old self would begin “Yes, one day you too will burn out on bared breasts.”

Since then, I’ve realized that I’m not even close to being burned out on photography. I’ve moved into the studio, I make comics with Lego figures and other toys and I have not run out of ideas of what I want to photograph, what styles I want to play with. Not even close.

But I’m tired of photographs. I’m tired of tropes and cliches and the sense that, yes, it may be a different girl standing on a beach looking over the waves with a bored expression, but in the main it looks like so many other pictures of girls standing on a beach etc etc etc.

I want to push myself and I want to burn a couple of dozen things in effigy as I go along.

That’s the jaded eye. The one who looks at the portfolio of someone who says “Everyone is beautiful in their own unique and wonderful way!” and sees that the proof is a series of photos that look so mind-bogglingly similar that they might as well be a flip book.

Jaded. This should be interesting.


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